Saturday, May 31, 2014

Busman's Holiday Part V - In Praise of Parisian Bakery Sandwiches

Parisian Bakery
I'm talking about sandwiches you get from a bakery (boulangerie), not a convenience store. If you love bread, then you must love baguettes. And if you love baguettes, why not get a fresh one filled with something? Le sandwich!

My first meal in Paris this time was actually a sandwich from a boulangerie on the Rue de Charenton -- expertly wrangled as I wandered up from the Bastille Metro station to the hotel. There are so many bakeries that I don't remember the name of that one. But I do remember the sandwich: jambon and crudites (ham w/lettuce and tomato). Nothing fancy, just simply made with really good bread.

Sandwich Army
Yesterday, I came face-to-face with sandwich nirvana at the boulangerie on the corner of Rue Duret. A virtual army of sandwiches sat on top of the pastry display case -- wrapped up, lined up, stacked up, and ready to go. All identified with little signs, like brigades on a mission: rillette, salami, tuna, ham, cheese, roast beef, with or without crudites. And all for 3-3.90 Euros, approximately $4-5.00 or less than the price of a Subway sandwich (which does now appear to have yet made it to Paris).

I had gone into the bakery for a coffee and a crescent or some other small item to tide me over -- but I simply could not resist the call of le sandwich. And, for goodness sake, I had not yet had enough cheese!

Chevre w/Walnuts + Crudites
Emmental, Camembert? Goat cheese with walnuts, yes! The lettuce and tomato sealed the deal, adding the required aura of healthy eating to the stigma of 12+ inches of beautiful baguette carbs. I'd have to work extra hard on an appetite for lunch, but when in Paris you do what you have to do.

And I do love Parisian bakery sandwiches!

NOTE: My all-time favorite Badoit sparkling water now comes also in "Menthe" as in real mint -- think Mojito without the rum (If you can).
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