Thursday, May 29, 2014

Busman's Holiday Part III - Madame Renaud's Cidre Farm

Utah Beach
Booked a day tour to Normandy's D-Day Beaches that included a couple of regional culinary stops to help digest the impact of what happened there. After all, those invasions were all about liberating real people who are still grateful for sacrifices made by American, British and Canadian soldiers almost 70 years ago. Truly beautiful things are happening over there these days...

Madame Renaud
"Vergers de Romilly" is a 17th Century farm located behind the German Cemetery near Isigny-Sur-Mer. Madame. Renaud is the boss and very proud of her efforts, having earned a coveted AOC designation for apple beverages that are produced entirely on site -- from tree, to press, to barrel, to bottle. She starts her tours in orchards where traditional regional apple varietals have been planted to get needed blends of bitter, sweet and sour apple juices. Et quels resultats!

The farm's produits cidricoles include: Cidre (something like oft-dry champagne), Pommeau (an aperitif), and, of course, Calvados (in barrels 4-10 years). The latter -- think sublimely tasty brandy -- is what the region is famous for, along with Camembert cheese. We happily tasted them all.

God Bless America/France
The dynamic Mme. Renaud let us know that the best way to drink Calvados is in a warm espresso cup just after you have finished the coffee (not in the coffee). And that Calvados and Sweppes Tonic Water is pretty tasty, too -- a cocktail called "Nouvelle Vogue." What a treat to visit with her.

Vive la Normandie!

NOTE: Returning to a rainy Paris and to the hotel at nearly 10 pm presented a dinner challenge -- alas, no time to take off for places on my list. Scouting nearby, I settled on a small, bustling pasta restaurant named Giallo Oro at #34 Rue Duret. The Ravioli ai Carciofi (artichokes) were amazing -- OPA!
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