Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Busman's Holiday Part II - From Market to Charles DeGaulle!

Mussels w/Blue Cheese, ETC
Now ensconced on the top floor of Au Trappiste at #4 Rue Saint-Denis -- sitting near the balcony, catching some fresh air and a view of the Theatre du Chatelet (one of my old haunts). It's 8:45 pm, and it won't get dark for another hour here in Paris.

I ordered Mussels w/Blue Cheese d'Auvergne in cream broth w/onions, parsley, celery and white wine. The mussels themselves were fair to middlin,' but the broth immediately gained traction when I started eating it w/a spoon. The Carolus Triple Blond beer on tap was outstanding. I was in the mood for beer, and this place offers 2 pages worth! 

Grand Maman's Shopping Spree
My day began with a visit to the Beauvais Market on the Place d'Alitre. It's the second oldest covered market in Paris; the vendors are clearly top-rate and favorites of an older generation. It is very difficult to look at so much beautiful meats, fish and cheeses enhanced by dazzling displays of prepared foods, when you know you really can't buy much with no where to store or cook...(I did, however, score the dried cepes on my shopping list!)

Check out these tomatoes!

Outside, the two endless rows of vendors -- many North African, it seemed -- selling produce was mind-bending. There were beautiful beefsteak tomatoes that looked liked they had been grown in individual aspic cups, along with what appeared to be cooked beets. Never saw round courgettes before either. Time for lunch!

Tangine w/Olives & More
Walked over to Chez Leon at #25 Rue du Lyon, a North African restaurant that was totally awesome with a staff that was too kind. I ordered Lamb Tangine w/Olives -- right up the alley of any lamb shank lover. It came to table still bubbling under its festive pottery cone cover -- full of vegetables like zucchini and artichoke and accompanied by a dish of heavenly-looking couscous. A glass of red Cote de Rhone and my favorite Badoit sparkling water made the meal perfect -- Double Opa! 

Ceremony at Arc de Triomphe
I would be remiss not mentioning the ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier under the Arc du Triomphe that I came across.  This supposedly happens every evening -- but tonite there were high-ranking dignitaries (did I see Charles de Gaulle?), a military band and many veterans of the Resistance with chestfulls of medals. A run-up to the 70th Anniversary of D-Day perhaps?

What a day! I've only been here less than 36 hours, and so far no rain on my parade...

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