Friday, May 30, 2014

Busman's Holiday Part IV - La Merveilleuse!

Macarons seem to be a-dime-a-dozen these days, figuratively speaking, of cour$e. I still love Pierre Herme's Infinite Rose and Laduree's Pistachio. And I know they both have annual, sexy new flavors. But macarons are everywhere. Shouldn't we move on -- and cherchez la meringue?

Pistachio & Banana Meringues
Meringues -- invented in the late 17th Century and made basically by whipping egg whites w/sugar -- seem to be the new Big Thing. And I do mean big, like the pistachio meringues about the size of a soup bowls that I saw filling a bakery window near the Gare de Lyon. Just can't remember exactly where...

Assembling "L'Encroyable"
Yesterday was about Monet at the Marmiton Museum and then a visit to "Aux Merveilleux du Fred." That's a bakery and Fred is a Meringue Master. There you can watch them create La Merveilleuse from scratch -- a concoction of 2 meringues, filled/hand-swathed in cream and rolled in chocolate shavings. You can also get L'Encroyable (cinnamon) or L'Impensable (coffee). Or the mini sizes...There is also a variety of snail-shaped brioches being baked on premise, like the one we tried w/chocolate chips -- yet another slap-on!

Rachel, Paula & Fred
La Merveilleuse was, well, just merveilleuse -- even after being carried around in its charming little white box for hours as we continued to the Champ du Mars to stalk the Eiffel Tower from every conceivable angle.

My niece -- never one to pass on a chocolate opportunity of any kind -- and I had traipsed down to the Fred location off the Rue due Passy in the XVIth. But it turns out that he, like Pierre Herme, is spreading like wildfire with 5 Paris locations...including one about 3 blocks from where we will be staying the next few nights. And that's only the tip of the Meringueberg!
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