Sunday, June 29, 2014

There may be a Greek food truck in your future!

My disappointment in the outcome of tonight's Greece-Costa Rica soccer game was somewhat assuaged by finding The Original Greek food truck parked in my neighborhood. Michael from Cleveland and Karpathos (located between Crete and Rhodes) had been too busy to follow the game to conclusion. I gave him the bad news, and we wished that Greece had taken better advantage of the great opportunity it had. Greeks in Greece could have sure used a second soccer celebration...

Mom's Spinach Pies
I had seen the truck last weekend and was thinking either spinach pie (they looked so good!) or moussaka for dinner -- both reasonably priced as are the calamari, saganaki, and Greek fries w/feta. Michael's mother makes most of the truck's food, and this week it was pastitsio instead of moussaka. The seasonings were nicely-balanced both in the chopped meat filling and bechamel sauce. Nothing worse than pastitsio or moussaka that has been dumbed down seasoning-wise in fear that someone might not like it.

Michael and his real gyro!
Next time I might try the gyro sandwich, and for good reason.  Michael makes gyro the right way, by actually pressing individual pieces of steak meat down on a spit (see photo) and then trimming the edges off when they are cooked. Nowadays, too many Greek establishments use a large prefab gyro of pressed meat and the cuttings are smooth and not terribly tasty. Soon there will be spits for pork and chicken in that blue food truck, too -- OPA!

NOTE: The Original Greek food truck will be in Plantation and Pt. Lucie (Tradition Square) this coming week. And on the 4th of July at Royal Palm Beach Commons, 11 am - 8 pm. Just look for that blue truck, hopefully somewhere near me next Sunday. Call 305-501-1352 for more info and for catering services, or tweet to @originalgreekfl.

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