Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"La Picada" is simply elegant!

Recently I got caught up in finding an appropriate dish for a wine-tasting featuring the Bonarda grape -- the second most grown red grape in Argentina next to Malbec (even though both come originally from Italy and France).

It took only moments to discover the Argentine "Picada" on Google. Picadas are not complicated. They can be small with 1-2 items for a nibble before dinner. Or quite large and elegant, making up an entire meal. And everything is simple and easily obtainable. The beauty is in the presentation.

Oft-mentioned ingredients: cured meats (including hard salamis and ham), cheeses (including Laughing Cow wedges), green olives (not-pitted), peanuts, bread-sticks, potato chips, and pickled veggies. Cheeses and ham should be cubed. Roll-ups of salami and cheese are the most labor-intensive. The fun is in arranging everything on a platter or cutting board.

My Picada consisted of peanuts, cured pork loin, sesame bread-sticks, smoked Provolone cheese rolled in Sopressa salami,  green olives stuffed with (a hint of) Blue cheese, and Danish Fontina (which was fabulous w/the Bonarda). Tooth picks, of course, abounded.

I loved putting my Picada together. And something that seems common was both beautiful and satisfying -- like a Super Meze Plate. To that I say, "OLE!"

NOTE: One of the wine favorites was sustainably-produced Santa Julia "Innovacion" 2013 (90% Bonarda, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon)  -- a one liter bottle going for about $10 at Whole Foods...

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