Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Hundred-Foot Journey: Moral of the Story?

Saw the film "The Hundred-Foot Journey," and it seems like the movie was not entirely loyal to the book. Movies seldom are -- but the Producer team of Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg do know how to make movies that make money...And this one surely will with its poignant story line, gorgeous cinematography (hail to the Eiffel Tower!), Helen Mirren (not her best role), and a very charming and handsome protagonist...

I liked the new ending, because it reminded me of what a chef friend in New York told me about cooking: You cook best what you are (not to mention that you are what you are)...He is Italian-American and once had a restaurant named Cibo in upstate New York to prove it.

I am Greek-American. And even while I do not pretend to a fabulous Greek cook, I absolutely do know what Greek food is supposed to taste like, smell like, and look like. That's both my obsession and competitive edge with Greek Foody Talk.

And that's what called out to Hassan Kadam in the movie when he shared an Indian meal cooked by the wife of a sous-chef in the Paris restaurant where he had become King of Innovation.  That's when we knew how the movie would and should end -- OPA!

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