Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Port Hope's Olympus Burger now flaunts a burger w/Peanut Butter!

No kidding...and it was the highlight of my return visit to Port Hope's #1 restaurant according to Trip Advisor.

I discovered the "Morpheus Burger" on Olympus Burger's online Secret Menu‎. But even though I love peanut butter, I still had questions about a peppercorn burger that also included crispy bacon and jalapeƱo peppers (2 more of my favorite foods). George explained that after hearing from a customer about a burger w/peanut butter eaten somewhere, the Kallonakis Clan went to work tinkering with a recipe that finally resulted in what he says is now a favorite of many of their best customers. And that would certainly include me -- it was awesome, I heartily  recommend it. Kali orexi!

"Labour of Hercules" Challenge Update: You may recall that these always forward-thinking Greeks offer a FREE t-shirt‎ to anyone who can finish a burger slathered with their secret Olympus Hot Sauce made from Trinidad Scorpion and Ghost Peppers (backyard-grown, I might add) in 15 minutes w/only one glass of water.  So far 317 folks have tried -- you have to sign a waiver first! -- and only 75 have succeeded. I'll stick with the tiny cupful they give me so I can dip a couple of fries and remember why I can live w/out the t-shirt. 

(Olympus Burger is located at 55 Mill Street S, Port Hope, Ontario -- 905.885.GODS)

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